I haven’t worn earrings in God knows how long. I always use to wear them when I was younger because in my mind at the time it was an identifier that I was a girl considering they made girls cut their hair short when I was going to school in Ghana (do they still do that?). Imagine how thrown of I was when I came to America and I saw men wearing earrings and cornrowing their hair lol

I actually miss my cornrows. Like a lot.








nope fuck that once u grab a weapon that chivalry shit goes out the window your hands better be hood certified


Oh wow ._. 

Smh, domestic violence goes both ways.

Is this real?

He had all rights to defend himself she had a knife that bitch crazy I’m happy he got away but that’s fucked up

he said he’s a man because he didn’t hit her.
but your face though…..

Almost every major issue and evil in this world GOES BOTH WAYS. Society loves to create levels and ladders and pick something to escalate. I’m not discrediting women for what they go through at all, but aside from the rest of the stereotypical jerks who give males a bad name (there are also women out there like that too) there are good dudes out there that go through things like this and no one will give a damn, and it’s a problem. Open your eyes, NOBODY is calling for equality, they just want to flip the switch to different extremes.